Is it possible when Ben first encounters Richard in the Jungle (The Man Behind the Curtain) it's actually anti-Jacob? Could that explain the long hair? He may have been setting Ben up for what happened a few years later after Sayid tried to kill him. Richard doesn't act like he recognizes the child when Sawyer and Kate ask for help. He tells Widmore Jacob wanted Ben healed, but that's all he says.

It's easy to simply fit anti-Jacob into all the spots where dead people appeared. I still think it's fun to ask whether fitting anti-Jacob in answers a question satisfactorily. To me, when Locke said "You have no idea what I've gone through to get here" it put the last five seasons into a crazy new perspective - one which has made me question everyone we've seen on the Island who shouldn't have been there, or who acted or looked differently. I could just be looking for anti-Jacob under every rock; but when someone who has lived a long time and seems to have some power talks about what he went through, I think it's safe to say he's talking about something monumental.

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