So Dogen was the only thing keeping the Monster out of the Temple. Makes me wonder. Of course, when I wonder I end up in weird places.

I don't think Jacob and the Monster are opposites. I think the Monster represents the "evil" side of the spectrum Dogen said the machine measured in Sayid; Jacob, though, is not - or was not - the "good" side. Dogen filled that role most recently (you know, until Sayid killed him in that badass way), which is why the Monster needed him dead before he could invade. This means Jacob couldn't be the Monster's opposite or the confrontation on the beach - let alone the one in the Statue's Foot - would never have been possible.

I think this points to Jacob representing neither Good nor Evil, but Balance. He is the one who brings both sides to the Island to create equilibrium. Why? Could be the Island is too powerful a force to be controlled by anyone. If it ever ends up in the hands of one side or the other maybe that's when the world will end. But people won't stop looking for it. So in order to keep anyone - especially the Monster - from gaining control, Jacob keeps bringing people to the Island to continue an ongoing battle over the Island, ensuring no one ever controls it.

The Monster has been holding down the Bad end a long time. The Good guys probably die a lot because the Monster has no problem getting them out of the way; but, as we've seen, the Monster is not so easy to kill. Perhaps if he plans on leaving the Island, he's setting up Sayid as his replacement. He's certainly recruiting. It just doesn't look to me like Jacob is doing the same thing.

Obviously Jacob has a plan. He knows things. And one could make the argument he's recruited Hurley and is working on Jack. I just think we don't know what his plan is, so we can't say whether he's recruited them at all.

And, of course, I'm only saying these things to spark discussion. I don't care if I'm totally wrong and they go another way; but this thought occurred to me as soon as Lennon said what he did about the seriousness of Dogen's death, and I wanted to hear what the rest of you thought.

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