Just a short one this time, and apologies if it's been brought up recently. Must admit I haven't read the blogs much as of late.

Anyone wonder what Walt's grandmother changed his name to? Seems an unimportant detail, I guess; but the writers like to hide important things this way. In Meet Kevin Johnson, Michael's mother mentions she can call neither him nor Walt by their real names, obviously due to the world believing everyone on 815 died. So could a time-traveling Walt actually be Abaddon? I know, he died, and what sense would that make. Only Lost has a very non-linear storytelling mechanic, and so could still reveal this later while making it significant. It would put Abaddon's telling Locke "the next time we meet you'll owe me one" in a new light, since, if he's actually Walt, the next time they met was the crash.

Abaddon's theory page says something about this being the reason he didn't go with Locke to speak to Walt. So none of this is new, really, except the idea a name change could be a clue. I know they don't look alike, but a lot of the children they cast to portray younger versions of characters don't look like the older actors they're supposed to be. We just do what we always do in that case: suspend our disbelief.

So, the question is: did Aaron's grandmother change his name?

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