To be believed, speculative fiction need only seem plausible in an imaginative sense. It can take inspiration from any quack-hypothesis, as long as it requires no more than a moderate suspension of disbelief and leads to compelling stories.

I submit my theory, then, based on a number of threads in Lost, as well as an outside source.

The Conscious Electromagnetic Information (CEMI) Field theory, developed by Johnjoe McFadden, Professor of Molecular Genetics at the University of Surrey, posits our consciousness is not simply the accumulation or firing of neurons, but the electromagnetic field generated (or something to that effect - I'm no scientist!) by the firing.

It's interesting. I don't necessarily believe it, but it's damned interesting. Look it up for a better explanation, as I don't want to get too long-winded here.

Now, what does this have to do with Lost? Well, of course the main element of Lost is a large Island, a major feature of which is a strangely overactive electromagnetic field. I know you already saw where I was headed there. Not too hard to figure out. I'm not saying the Island is conscious, however.

When the show began, some of the main characters - most prominently Locke - seemed to have a communion with the Island. They seemed to know things they weren't supposed to know. We all thought the Island was telling them things, increasingly as the show went on. When Michael tried to kill himself in season 4, we were told the Island wouldn't let him, and we assumed the Island was an entity of some kind, willing things to happen.

Electromagnetism was tossed around a little in season 2. There was a huge explosion at the end of that season. Desmond's consciousness time-traveled in season 3 - though we didn't know that yet - as a result of that huge release of energy from the Swan.

Then time-travel was thrown into the mix full-on. We learned many of our Losties had been on the Island physically before they had crashed in 2004. They didn't know it when they crashed, but they were to become part of Island history, decades before their fateful fall from the sky.

So, how does this all tie up? Do you have it already, or have I not highlighted well enough?

The electromagnetic energy ties consciousness together on the Island.

I'm not sure whether it ties people to each other, though it certainly doesn't seem that way. But it could tie one's consciousness to oneself if one had been on the Island in the past! Could this be why Kate, Locke, Jack, etc. become unofficial leaders of the Losties? They have knowledge of the Island because their future selves have been to the past, and their consciousnesses are connected! So Locke knows when it's going to rain, and how to find boar, among other things.

Locke's "special communion" with the Island is just his connection to the knowledge of his future self in the past. Not only does this play into the manipulation angle the Man in Black may be playing, by showing Locke was never really special, but also shows why Locke felt like he was hearing things from some living entity. It also plays into the time-loop aspect - which Lindelof and Cuse have said is very important to the Lost mythos - by showing the unconscious knowledge the Losties had in 2004 came from their future consciousnesses in the past (e.g., Locke knew about the rain because it had already happened to his future self from the past, whose knowledge was coming to him through this electromagnetic energy which connected them - a time loop!).

And the best part is the Whispers. We've already heard consciousness represented as whispers, when Miles was listening to the dead guy in "Some Like it Hoth". Since the Others live on the Island, in a sense their "past selves" build up in the electromagnetic field. Hence, whenever the Others are near: Whispers!

There are some holes in this theory, I freely admit. And, as I said in the title, I understand this is an out-there theory; but, I figured, it's the off-season and time for outlandish stuff. Got any thoughts?

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