No, this is not my Adam and Even identity theory...well, not completely.

And I'm not writing this to discourage people coming up with Adam and Eve identity theories. I wouldn't discourage anyone thinking of any theories, even those with which I disagree.

But I've got a question: what if Adam and Eve are not anyone we've thought of? Not Jack and Kate, not Kate and Sawyer, not Rose and Bernard.

It's just like Lost to have us looking one way, only to jerk our heads the other. We all had theories about who Jacob would turn out to be, all of which were proved wrong when he turned out to be...Jacob.

To that end, here's my tiny insignificant attempt at an hypothesis as to the identity of Adam and Eve, just for fun: what if it's Jacob and Nemesis?

I know, sounds crazy. But just think: Lindelof and Cuse told us this would be the clue they had things planned all along. What better clue than that?

Not satisfied? Okay, try this: we know Nemesis is a shape-changer (yeah, I'm on this again!). So it's possible he's not even a he. Could be a she, right? In fact it's a little sexist to think a shape shifter is a man simply because it appears as one. Just sayin'.

Now, all this is assuming Jacob's not already dead. And he did get killed in the season finale, so my theory could be just as dead straight outta the gate. But I'm putting it out their regardless. Tear it up!

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