In the season 2 episode "What Kate did" Eko gives Locke a bit of filmstrip which they discover fits into the orientation for the Swan. The build-up to their watching it is big, but the payoff is...nothing. It seems to serve as a set-up for Michael's computer misuse. Boring!

But in light of the season 5 finale, it made me wonder: do we finally know why this insignificant bit was clipped out? Could it be this was not to hide or get rid of it, but, from a story perspective, to highlight what would otherwise have slipped by? Dr. Chang says "The isolation that attends the duties associated with Station 3 may tempt you to try and utilize the computer for communication with the outside world." He then says using the computer for any purpose other than inputting the code "will compromise the integrity of the project and, worse, could lead to another incident." We can assume from these statements there were people involved in the Incident who were not part of Dharma. Right? Why else would Chang discourage using the computer to communicate with the outside world for fear of causing another incident?

This may be some of the best proof so far what we witnessed in the season 5 finale was, and always had been, the Incident. Yes, yes. Whatever happened, happened. If the "original" Incident simply consisted of Dharma drilling into a pocket of energy, how would using the computer to communicate with the outside cause another? It seems to be not an insignificant piece of film, but instead possibly one of the longer waits for a payoff most of us seemed to have either forgotten about or missed completely. Could also be good evidence they were planning a lot of this from pretty close to the beginning. If I'm wrong, of course I'll print this post and eat it.

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