• Mittelman

    I am John Locke

    I'm not a box salesman but I might as well be.

    My back's not shattered but I feel paralyzed.

    My father never pushed me out a window but he broke me just the same.

    I've never gone on a walkabout but I wander aimlessly.

    I've wasted most of my life.

    I crashed on this Island Earth and it's scary and I find it a miracle.

    I sit in the rain, smiling.

    I seek the Hatch though I don't know what it will look like when I find it. I carry dynamite always - just in case.

    I push the button. I'm not sure what it's for or whether it's important. It's certainly boring. I press it again.

    I have faith and I'm usually wrong but it's all I've got.

    I follow whims, I wish and call it revelation.

    I throw knives into the backs of strangers because of my ego…

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  • Mittelman

    Disappointed with "The End", and season 6 in general. Very happy for those who are not, and wish I shared the feeling. I don't think there's a right or wrong way to view the finale, and your enjoyment of it depends on what you thought the show as a whole was saying.

    After all, it turns out the show wasn't about lost people, but lost souls. That doesn't resonate at all with me. It's not that I definitely think we're just meat and we go down to rot when we die. In fact, it has nothing to do with my views of so-called "spiritual" things. I loved the ending of the reimagined Battlestar Galactica, even though it got into areas of metaphysics with which I don't agree. The thing was, it kept things within the realm of what had felt real about tha…

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  • Mittelman

    We have seen two realities this season. Which got me thinking back to my old blogs about Real and Imaginary Space/Time. I'd rather not go into all that stuff, though. I'd rather look forward than back.

    I said before the Island was the Nexus of Space/Time, and I'm starting to think I was right. I know, the Island is under water in the FST; but if the Island exists in all realities, would sinking it in one be a big deal?

    My thinking about all these realities was not really accurate. One of them is not Real while the others are all Imaginary. In a sense, each of them is Real to itself, and from that viewpoint all the others are Imaginary. If the Island, however, is the place where all these realities meet, it's the only place they can overlap.…

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  • Mittelman

    The Monster needs the Candidates to leave the Island with him.

    I don't buy it. The Candidates, IMO, are gatekeepers just like Jacob, and until someone takes Jacob's job each of them can keep the Monster on the Island. They have to let him leave, so he needs them all in the same place in order to offer them a choice:

    Let him off the Island, or die.

    He'll give them all the chance to go with him, of course - he might be the Monster, but he's no monster. Only one chance, though. Too much has gone into this plan for the Monster to show mercy. He's put everything into this attempt. It seems he won't have it in him for another try.

    This is why he needs his Dark Army. It's already been established he can't kill Jacob, so it's safe to assume he can'…

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  • Mittelman

    One thing I like most about Lost is how it manages to make ideas like good and evil into material things, in order to discuss the ideas in a different way. The Monster is Evil (whether the Man in Black is evil or not, the Monster has come to symbolize evil on the Island), bringing death, fear and destruction. Dogen was Good, and so protected the Temple. The Spring is Good, and so can heal and give life.

    Except the Spring doesn't do that anymore. Not since Jacob died. And, as I've said before, I think it's due to the Infection starting to leak through the cork.

    So, what if the energy pockets are the Infection? Yes, they have side effects which include Purple Skies and Time Travel, they involve electromagnetism; but they are actually just the Infectio…

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