This episode, I thought was cool. I liked it. But what I'm now wondering is: Why does the Looking Glass station need medical personel if it's merely just a station for submarines or communication or such, and it's underwater too. It was said that the doctor (from "LaFleur") was at the station plus, Rosie is a nurse assigned there along with another nurse(?). Yeah so I'm curious about that.

Nice to see Cassidy and Clementine.

And that Sweet young woman, she was an obvious reference (is that the right word?) to Claire! From behind, it looked exactly like her; with the long, blonde, curly hair. I liked that plot device. Good writing, writers!

Erik reminded me of the unnamed/uncredited Other from "LaFleur" who was shot by Juilet (or was it Sawyer? Whateva). They did look alike and at first I thought maybe that Other was resurrected and etc. But nawwww. Some people think Erik is Tom Friendly. Interesting... And it seems Ellie (who I think is Eloise thank you very much) and Widmore are still on the island in 1977. When do they leave? Hmm.

Last thing, Ben will turn into an Other once going in the Temple to do whatever (my guess). If this was to be true, then Dannielle's science team, who all went into the Temple excluding the late Nadine and Dannielle herself, changed and turned into the Others, which is the "sickness" as described by Dannielle. This could be why they were trying to get her or whatever and that's why Dannielle killed them.

Alright I'm done. Basically, "Whatever Happened, Happened" was good. Not OMGSOOOOAMZING<333, but just good.

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