I liked this episode. We learned about Danielle and her science team. And it was interesting that there was already a recording being transmitted from the radio tower, it kept repeating the numbers. Hmm... And (lol), poor Nadine, what the hell happened to her? I liked Montand's(?) comment that she was probably chasing butterflys; it made me and my mom lol. And wow Montand's arm getting ripped off! What was that!? And again, Robert tried to kill Danielle! That bastard! lol. It was cool but still unclear about the sickness.

How the hell is Eloise and Ben gonna get everyone back to the island? And is Charlotte really Annie? Could be, she was on the Island during the DI time! And RIP Charlotte...I was starting to like you.

So many flashes, I'm starting to feel those headaches as well haha.

Good episode. I liked it.

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