My thoughts on 5x04 - The Little Prince

I felt that adventures on the Island in the episode was a bit slow. However I liked how they traveled back to the time where the 815s were present. When I saw that light, I immeadiately knew it was the Hatch and why Locke wanted to avoid going to check out the light (the others were unaware of what it was/when they were). And seeing Kate and Claire.

I wonder who were shooting at Sawyer and crew (Haha! Pun!) when they were out in the ocean. And who messed up the beach camp? Where did the Arija Airways water bottle come from? Did a plane from that airline crash with the Oceanic 6 aboard?

About Dan Norton and related-drama, me and my mom guessed that the client was actually Ben when we saw the little twist with Carole Littleton. I actually thought it was her at first but thought Jack was going to screw it all up when Carole was all dumbfounded. It seems that Ben was scaring Kate to try to get her to go back to the Island.\

And I was right all along about Jin. So HA to all those who were "He's dead, get over it!". Owned.

So I wonder how Rose, Bernard and crew are doing.

Alright well I'm done putting my unorganized thoughts here haha. Yup. Peace.

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