I liked this episode. We learned that Flight 316 crash landed on the runway (or next to it) on Hydra Island and that all survived and buncha are being taken care of in the station, including Ben which I thought was a nice suprise. I totally forgot about him and thought he would disapear along with the O6. And holy crap, during the scene in Locke's hotel room, I did not see the whole Ben murdering Locke. Intense. Poor Locke. But maybe Ben knows what he's doing haha. So I think the 316ers are in present time and the 815ers are in the 70's? And wtf happened to Bernard, Rose and the rest of the survivors? And o snap Abadon got shot! Damn! Is there anything special like him? Someone brought up how he seems to not age like Richard. Maybe he was on the island or is special? IDK. I liked this episode. I expected this to be boring, but it was cool.

Can't wait for next week.

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