I liked everything about it.

The Sayid flash back - seeing Martin Keamy and Omar (and Jin - how interesting...) (but thankfully they were killed before they could cause any more damage just as they did on the Island!)

Wonder if Sayid and Nadia will together in the flash-sideways?

Temple massacre was crazy! The Smoke Monster was serious...lota people stayed behind and got killed, but thankfully Cindy & the kids left :) So we'll continue to see them some more and learn the rest of their story!

Claire and Kate drama (if there will be any) - wonder how it turns out. Kate looked so shocked to see Claire and Sayid with the MiB. And Claire did save Kate's life.

Looks like MiB has Claire, Sawyer, Jin(?), Kate(?), Cindy, Zach, Emma and a handful of Others on his side.

Jacob - his loyalists are dead, but he has Hurley, Jack(?), Ilana and probably her crew (Sun, Ben, Frank, Miles?)

Will there be a war between them?

So yeah, things went down. Pretty cool.

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