That was probably the best finale of LOST I have ever seen...

WE FINALLY SEE ROSE AND BERNARD AFTER 15 EPISODES!! They're so hippe-like and relaxed. Glad to see they're ok and Rose's cancer gone (her hair is really long). However, its unfortunete that we see no other survivors. Maybe they're out there But really nice to see them and I hope we'll see them again in Season 6.

I can't believe Sayid took Horace's jumpsuit and no one really noticed haha. And wow, Roger shooting at him, he musta been maaaaddd. Plus, Jack got into a frenzy and killed a handful of DHARMA men. Go Jack.

PHIL FINALLY DIED lol. He was so annoying and I didn't like him. Glad see's gone. But ouch too. And the pipe crushing Dr. Chang's hand, is that why he got the fake hand/arm or whatever? LOL at Radzinsky running away after he realized the sh*t he just made.

Juliet falling and dying(?) =[ I sure hope not. Maybe they all went back to the future or something. Who knows.

Ilana, Bram and the 3 other dudes are allianced with Jacob--speaking of him, we finally see him! I imagined him as an old guy, like a god.

John Locke was never alive!?!?! wtf?? That old guy took his form and stuff. WOW. Who is he anyway? And looks like Ben didn't hesitate to kill Jacob..damn. New mysteries that are mindboggling. Damnnnn. And we saw the Black Rock too. Nice. Jacob is mad interesting, as well as the old guy.

Ok so, lota good points and things in this finale...DHARMA incident...Ilana and co....Jacob...flashbacks of characters as kids...ROSE AND BERNARD!

ahhh so good adfghjkl; gotta wait till 2010 =(

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