This episode was pretty good, and it was confirmed that Flight 316 landed on the runway. Poor Co-pilot (Flight 316) got impaled, ouch. Yay redshirts, and who's this fellow, Bram? According to a link posted on his talk page and another link on the Through The Looking Glass talk page, he appears in future episodes of Season 5, prob as a mere survivor. Moving on, I liked the DHARMA time, seeing Piere Chang and assigning Jack as a "Work Man" based on his "apitude test". HAHA. That's a slap to Jack. I wonder how Jack feels that Juliet and Sawyer have been living together for a while. And Hurley's DHARMA suit tag, "Chef", hahaha, suits him perfectly. What happened to Rosie not appearing in the episode? She was in the press release. As for Amy's baby, Ethan, I do think it is the Ethan Rom we know of. We don't need the producers to sledgehammer this for us. But I wonder how he goes from DHARMA to Other. Did the Hostiles let all children live or something (Ben, Ethan..)? Is Amy Amelia? Good to finally put a face to Radzinsky. That dome model thing he was building, indicates that he may be a part of the Swan construction or something and that the station isn't built yet, that station could be controlling the radiation or whatever of the Jughead bomb. Oh and Sun was a badass for smacking Ben with the oar. Then I'm assuming she and Frank dragged him back to camp saying "Oh we found someone from the plane". Then they went back to the boats at night cuz when they found it, it was day, when they were on the water, it was night so yeahhh. When they were at the dock and heard the monster, I'd be terrified to continue, but Sun was pretty brave! Anything for finding Jin! Haha. Finally, about the figure we see in the abandoned Barracks building with Frank, Sun and Christian, I don't think it's a blooper. Surely they would have caught it and edit it out. Maybe it is Claire. I doubt it's Charlotte, she's dead......right? Lol. Or it could be some LOST crew member. Or a Hostile, or a 815 survivor, or a 316 survivor or the Red-haired Casualty! Haha but really, the whole thing about that figure is interesting.

SO. Good episode. Good DHARMA and 316 stuff.

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