Is this the end for the some 70 people who survived the horrible crash of Flight 815? With over 40 died/kidnapped, it seems that the rest have just been slaughtered in the fire arrow attack/thrown off the Island. There's only Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Sayid, Sun, Jin and Hurley left. John Locke is dead.

We need Claire back along with Walt. Rose and Bernard need to become a more important/frequent part of the picture. And what about the tailies and Cindy and the kids? And all those 20 something backgrounders and redshirts who were magically killed at the fire arrow attack. Craig, Tracy, ND Survivor and all those folks are cool too! Shame to see them all gone. It's like the end of Flight 815.

Don't get me wrong, I love LOST and really enjoy the other groups of people such as the Ajira folks (would like to see more of them), the Others (yay for seeing Mr. Squinty!), the DHARMA Initiative crew (still gotta learn more about them) and now Ilana's mysterious group of Jacob-allys.

But still, it just seems silly to just butcher all the remaining minor 815ers or forget about them. Those poor people endure tough conditions on a wacky island for 100+ days only to meet death with a flaming arrow lol.

Let them live!

Anyhoo...can't wait for Season 6. The show keeps getting better and better. Lota mysteries to be solved. Tailies...Henry Gale...Black Rock...Others...some DI stuff...Ilana and her crew...Jacob and the enemy...and Libby!

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