I really liked this. Finally an episode focused on Locke, Ben and the Ajira people. Holy crap, I never saw Caesar getting shot coming. That was beastly. And I liked how the three redshirts were all silent, didn't say a word when he was shot. lol.

Finally we see the Temple and the Monster's chamber. Very interesting. The judging process was neat too. I liked how it manifested into Alex. That was good. And it seems like Ben has to follow Locke's orders now or else "be destroyed" like the monster said.

Seeing a younger Widmore and a child Ethan was cool as well, same with seeing how Alex was kidnapped and realizing that Ben was supposed to kill Dannielle but instead he just took Alex. And wow, Widmore is a col-hearted person for wanting Ben to kill the baby. I also liked how Richard's eyes sparkled when he saw a growing Ben argue with Widmore. Seeing Ben take care of Alex as his daughter at the Barracks was cool, same with seeing Widmore get exiled.

As for the Ajira folks, what's in the metal crate and where did the guns come from? Is Caesar actually dead? (already? so soon?) Why are Ilana, Bram and co. all different now? Are they spies or agents of Widmore or the DI or a third-party? Did they know each other prior to the plane crash? Is Ilana's question a code of somesort? What on earth is going on? lol. Are the other survivors in on this? Maybe not, we see Jed all shaken up and running up to Frank when he returns.

Good episode, definitley learned a lot, and good cliffhanger. Two thumbs up, another favorite of Season 5.

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