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    April 14, 2010 by Mistertrouble189


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    March 3, 2010 by Mistertrouble189


    I liked everything about it.

    The Sayid flash back - seeing Martin Keamy and Omar (and Jin - how interesting...) (but thankfully they were killed before they could cause any more damage just as they did on the Island!)

    Wonder if Sayid and Nadia will together in the flash-sideways?

    Temple massacre was crazy! The Smoke Monster was serious...lota people stayed behind and got killed, but thankfully Cindy & the kids left :) So we'll continue to see them some more and learn the rest of their story!

    Claire and Kate drama (if there will be any) - wonder how it turns out. Kate looked so shocked to see Claire and Sayid with the MiB. And Claire did save Kate's life.

    Looks like MiB has Claire, Sawyer, Jin(?), Kate(?), Cindy, Zach, E…

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    Is this the end for the some 70 people who survived the horrible crash of Flight 815? With over 40 died/kidnapped, it seems that the rest have just been slaughtered in the fire arrow attack/thrown off the Island. There's only Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Sayid, Sun, Jin and Hurley left. John Locke is dead.

    We need Claire back along with Walt. Rose and Bernard need to become a more important/frequent part of the picture. And what about the tailies and Cindy and the kids? And all those 20 something backgrounders and redshirts who were magically killed at the fire arrow attack. Craig, Tracy, ND Survivor and all those folks are cool too! Shame to see them all gone. It's like the end of Flight 815.

    Don't get me wrong, I love LOST and really enjoy the othe…

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    That was probably the best finale of LOST I have ever seen...

    WE FINALLY SEE ROSE AND BERNARD AFTER 15 EPISODES!! They're so hippe-like and relaxed. Glad to see they're ok and Rose's cancer gone (her hair is really long). However, its unfortunete that we see no other survivors. Maybe they're out there But really nice to see them and I hope we'll see them again in Season 6.

    I can't believe Sayid took Horace's jumpsuit and no one really noticed haha. And wow, Roger shooting at him, he musta been maaaaddd. Plus, Jack got into a frenzy and killed a handful of DHARMA men. Go Jack.

    PHIL FINALLY DIED lol. He was so annoying and I didn't like him. Glad see's gone. But ouch too. And the pipe crushing Dr. Chang's hand, i…

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    Dead Is Dead

    April 9, 2009 by Mistertrouble189

    I really liked this. Finally an episode focused on Locke, Ben and the Ajira people. Holy crap, I never saw Caesar getting shot coming. That was beastly. And I liked how the three redshirts were all silent, didn't say a word when he was shot. lol.

    Finally we see the Temple and the Monster's chamber. Very interesting. The judging process was neat too. I liked how it manifested into Alex. That was good. And it seems like Ben has to follow Locke's orders now or else "be destroyed" like the monster said.

    Seeing a younger Widmore and a child Ethan was cool as well, same with seeing how Alex was kidnapped and realizing that Ben was supposed to kill Dannielle but instead he just took Alex. And wow, Widmore is a col-hearted person for wanting Ben to …

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