Right now, I'm still not too sure how I exactly feel about how things ended. What I've always loved about Lost is the way it leaves you hanging, those WTF moments when you're sitting there for five minutes after it ends either saying 'What!?' or 'No!' over and over. I was totally expecting the finale to do that. To me, the ending felt to easy, I wanted and expected the ending to blow my mind. It just didn't do that for me. Yes, yes I know it probably all ended up the way it should have but part of me felt let down! Plus the finale almost brought up more questions!

- Since the Sideways flashes were a sort of 'waiting room' why did Jack have to have a son? Who really was David? And what was the point of that? I figured David would have been important.
- I always considered Nadia the love of Sayid's life, not spoiled little Shannon. I didn't like them getting a happy ending. Sayid fought his whole life to be reunited with Nadia only to have her taken from him, and then he still didn't get her in the 'afterlife'. Just not what I thought would happen. She was in the Sideways world but wasn't 'woken up' to be with him. 
- How did Eloise know what was going on in Sideways? I get the fact that she wanted to stay here to be with her son and didn't want Desmond to change things. It just felt like there was more to it the first time she spoke to Des about it. I thought her and Widmore would have a bigger role in the finale.
- And we never truly found out why Des was special. I know he was zapped with energy before he took out that plug and maybe that's it. Because he was the only one who could survive the zap, he was the only one who could pull the plug. Maybe that's all there was to it. 
- I'm thinking that once the plug was pulled down in the hole, that made Smokey/Locke mortal again? That's why he bled? His death seemed way too easy to me. Each time they focused on this body laying down the bottom of the cliff, I expected Smoke Monster to come rushing out of the dead body.
- Miles, Richard, Lepedis. I wonder why they weren't involved in the Sideways. I know Miles was and maybe he stayed there to be with his Dad and Richard just bypassed it all to reunite with his wife. Why were some people included in the church and some weren't.

Just some random things that have been running through my mind since last night. I'm hoping to watch it again tonight or tomorrow and get a better understanding and liking of the ending. I'm not really expecting any answers to these questions but maybe I'm not the only one wondering about them!

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