• Missyfleming 22

    Right now, I'm still not too sure how I exactly feel about how things ended. What I've always loved about Lost is the way it leaves you hanging, those WTF moments when you're sitting there for five minutes after it ends either saying 'What!?' or 'No!' over and over. I was totally expecting the finale to do that. To me, the ending felt to easy, I wanted and expected the ending to blow my mind. It just didn't do that for me. Yes, yes I know it probably all ended up the way it should have but part of me felt let down! Plus the finale almost brought up more questions!

    - Since the Sideways flashes were a sort of 'waiting room' why did Jack have to have a son? Who really was David? And what was the point of that? I figured David would have been … Read more >
  • Missyfleming 22

    I noticed a couple of things about the Hatch sequence at the beginning. Sorry if someone has already mentioned this.

    First, at the end of last season when Juliet fell and the bomb fell, they both went a LONG ways down. They had been drilling pretty darn deep. But in the premier when they found Juliet, she wasn't that far down. Just a few feet or so.

    Also, when they were moving stuff out of the way to get to Juliet, they moved an exercise bike and a chair. Both of which were INSIDE the Hatch at one point. I don't remember seeing either of those things at the construction site, and why would the bike be there in the first place?

    It makes me think that something different happened at that point. But what?

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