• MissFirean

    Mother = Tawaret

    May 12, 2010 by MissFirean

    anyone thought that the stepmother may be "Tawaret"?

    I'm not saying she is the goddess herself, which is anyway a possibility as we are now deep into mythological plot lines and she had been on the island since before anyone else we've seen so far; but also that she could have been identified by Jacob as such.

    She seems to have come from an older civilization than the Romans, she also seemed to keep some of the old Egyptian traditions, like tapestry weaving, and maybe she taught them to MiB and for a longer amount of years to Jacob. Jacob has definitely had about 2000 years to familiarise himself with all kinds of civilizations, cultures and mythologies: for one, he's been in contact with thousands of humans on and off island, having had an …

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  • MissFirean

    I've been thinking about this since "The Substitute". Couldn't 108 be the number for Jacob? I know that Jacob seems to be quite ancient, but Wallace as a name has existed for centuries. It could be that it was his surname before he became the protector of the island... and that that's why he has a thing with numbers and the numbers of the last new candidates add up to 108... maybe that's why he asked Jack to dial 108 at the lighthouse, to communicate with him or something... Just a thought.

    This, of course, doesn't exclude the possibility of Desmond being one of the remaining 6 candidates, as there's still 1 missing in Ilana's list, and many names that we haven't got to see on the lighthouse dial.

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  • MissFirean

    Me, I don't really know what to think, since she too was touched by Jacob... maybe Jacob has given her another role instead of a "candidate" for some reason. Or maybe Flocke has simply lied to us about what being a candidate implies. We'll obviously know more after today's episode. Especially as it is centered on Jack!

    What are your theories?

    --MissFirean 18:19, February 23, 2010 (UTC)

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