Why do theories in the form of "X is really Y after they went back in time!" seem so popular in the blogs and all over the wiki theory pages here? I can understand all the theorizing about Jacob before we actually saw him on screen in "The Incident" - I had myself pretty convinced that it was going to be a future Jack that had gone back in time and was disappointed when it turned out it was some random new dude. I can understand some theorizing about temporal policewoman Eloise before her past was more clearly nailed down. But what's with the theories about everyone being evereyone else that we've already seen, timeshifted?

Some of the more bizarre ones I've seen:

  • Ilana is an older, apparently resurrected, Alex (the inspiration for this post)
  • Abbadon or Eko is an older Walt (apparently because they're black)
  • Frank is an older Sawyer (because they're both, uh, manly)
  • Annie is Juliet, Libby, Helen, or maybe even Emily (since they're blonde)
  • Aaron is Jacob and just about every other white male character on the show
  • Baby Charlie is Charles Widmore (to the tune of "I'm my own Grandpa")

Sure, there's some weird correspondences in LOST. Christian turned out to be both Jack and Claire's father. Cooper turned out to also be the real Sawyer. I would bet money that David's mother is someone who we've already seen. But have we EVER seen two characters that we have seen onscreen at different ages turn out to be the same person after the fact? No.

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