This premiere answered a ton of mysteries, but it also opened up a whole bunch more. Here's a few random thoughts:

- There were a number of people missing on 815. Michael and Walt were most noteworthy out of the main cabin passengers. There were also no actual tailies - Ana Lucia, Eko, and Libby were all gone. Bernard was only a tailie because he was back in the restroom. I was tickled to see Arzt and Frogurt.

- I am surprised and pleased that they are doing alternate universes. It seemed like a neat way to handle the bomb blast, but I expected they'd shy away from it to avoid audience confusion. I suspect that the two timelines are going to have to merge at some point after doing lots of course correction. Juliet's dying words were probably the first sign of it. I bet we'll see her in the alternate 815 timeline meeting someone (hopefully Sawyer) and asking them out for coffee. This is reminiscent of Charlotte telling Daniel she couldn't have chocolate before dinner right before she died. Another clue could be Charlie saying that he was supposed to die. Then we have Jack thinking that Desmond is familiar, even though it's likely they never met. I suspect we'll start seeing people flash between the two timelines, or at least start having visions.

- I was happy to see a clear answer that Smokey = MIB. I thought the evidence implied it, but it was arguably circumstantial. Now WHAT he is is certainly confusing. I have a growing suspicion that it's going to be an alien, especially with that "I want to go home" line thrown in there. Could the primary purpose of the island actually be as a prison for Smokey?

- I am highly interested in the new Others, but it's also sort of weird to see significant people at this point in time. If they don't tell us the Asian guy's name soon I suggest 'Mr. Miyagi' given his penchant for bonsai.

- I love the fact that Hurley got to play an important role since Jacob could communicate with him. Hopefully this will continue. I want to know what was on that piece of paper!

- What the heck is up with Desmond being on 815!?

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