For the longest time I was sure that Christian was some kind of ghost of himself who had a special awareness of things on the Island. Even when we discovered the Monster could manifest as dead humans, Christian seemed different. Most other appearances like Yemi were a one-off for the person who cared about them, whereas Christian's body had disappeared and he appeared to many different 815ers.

With the confirmation that MIB/Flocke and the Monster are one and the same, now I'm not so sure. What do you think?

pros for Christian IS the Monster:

  • Christian played a direct role in guiding Locke to turn the wheel and get himself killed, which seemed to be part of the Monster's plan.
  • Christian directed Frank and Sun to wait for Flocke for guidance, sort of like how Alex told Ben to follow Flocke's orders.
  • Many walking/talking/touching dead people on the Island turn out to be the Monster (one exception is Hurley's ghosts).
  • There seem to be hints, like the smoke detector going off.

cons for Christian is NOT the Monster:

  • The cabin appeared to be surrounded by ash the first two times we saw Christian in it.
  • Christian's body vanished while Locke's was still there.
  • Aside from Hurley's ghosts, a couple others don't necessarily seem to be the Monster. For example, Horace and Ben's mother. Also, Claire (assuming she's dead).
  • Christian was with Frank and Sun while Flocke was with Ben. Smokey has seemed limited to one body at a time.
  • Christian's interest in Claire and in having people say hi to Jack for him seemed more fatherly than Monsterly.

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