I'm working on my second rewatch, and one thing that I've been noticing is how all the female characters in the show seem to either be weak or die off quickly. I also noticed that almost every single female character quickly dropped off the recent "favorite character" poll that was being conducted. Overall I'm fairly disappointed with most of the female characters in the show.

Kate: they seem to have intended her to be strong, but she ends up acting extremely wishy washy about men and her decisions (this has improved slightly in the last few episodes)

Sun: a fairly strong female character, but all of her goals seem to relate to the men in her life (her father and Jin). she also seems to be given fairly limited screentime and talks a lot more than she acts.

Claire: the ultimate damsel in distress for the first couple of seasons. her character was building quite a bit but then she was abruptly taken out of play. probably my personal favorite of the lead female characters.

Juliet: dominated by her ex-husband, then by Ben, then becomes second fiddle to Kate for Jack, and then second fiddle to Kate for Sawyer. occasionally seems badass but mostly fits into female stereotypes.

Shannon: weak and needy female character when first on the island, who showed some character growth and independence, especially after Boone died. promptly got killed off right as she started to get interesting.

Ana Lucia: extremely strong, gets killed off quickly. lots of fans strongly dislike her, but I thought she was fantastic.

Naomi: seemed rather strong, got killed off quickly

Libby: very intriguing, but didn't actually seem to do much, then got killed of

Charlotte: intriguing but also very annoying (maybe that's just me). she seemed to have some things going on, but got killed off.

Rose: strong willed, but ultimately playing a non-influential supporting role.

Rosseau: strong, but also fairly non-influential because she was so hands off. almost immediately after taking an active role in things she got killed off.

Alex: she was actually one of the more independent and proactive female characters on the show. she went behind Ben's back a few times, and made a lot of her own decisions. killed off.

Penny: actually a fairly strong character, but always off-island so doesn't really count as one of the core characters.

Eloise: ok, Eloise is actually a fairly strong female character. is it because she's old enough to not have to pay up to the relationship dynamic stereotypes?

Illana: quite possibly the savior in the "strong female characters" category, but only time will tell.

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