Now that we've seen a few FST episodes, a theory is kicking around in the back of my head. Some of the main characters are replacing their unhealthy actions with better ones, while others don't seem to have changed much at all. There seems to be a correlation between the ones who don't change and those who side with Flocke. Furthermore, the influence of other main characters appears to serve as some kind of a turning point the FST characters who do change.

Kate: Unchanged. FST Kate is still running while occasionally acting benevolently towards Claire and others who need her help. OT Kate is now with MIB (although it's not clear how happy she is with that situation).
Locke: Changed. The pitiful, delusional "don't tell me what I can't do" OT Locke has turned into someone who can laugh at himself and tear up Jack's business card that might have been some kind of mystical sign in the OT. Rose's talk with him at the employment agency seemed like his turning point. I am wondering if this means that Locke will show up back in the OT in some capacity in a "good" role.
Jack: Changed. There were traces of the old Jack, but he was able to break the chain of bad Shepherd fathering when he had a heart to heart with David. Locke's "you didn't lose your father, you lost his body" in the airport was a turning point for FST Jack, which he later repeated to his mother.
Sayid: Unchanged. The FST Sayid held himself back from Nadia because he didn't deserve her, while the OT seemed to see no problem with hooking up with her. But by the end we see Sayid ends up killing Keamy in cold blood, just like OT "I am a bad man" Sayid. OT Sayid ends up with MIB.
Ben: Changed. In the OT he sacrificed Alex when Widmore challenged his power. In the FST he capitulated on behalf of Alex. Ben seemed to come to this decision on his own - in fact, Locke planted the idea to go after the Principal in the first place.
Hurley: Changed. While we haven't had a centric episode for him yet, he's obviously changed. FST Hurley thinks he's lucky instead of unlucky and he plays a more public role in his businesses.

I predict that once we see more about Sawyer and the Kwons in the FST we'll have a hint of who they will end up ultimately siding with. Note that all of the characters we've seen so far were considered "flawed" even though some of them were candidates, and unchanged effectively means "still flawed".

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