In "The Last Recruit", half of the Losties were rushing to the hospital all at once in the FST. Desmond ran Locke over for unclear reasons. There seemed to be crazy timing inconsistencies that might imply the universe was out of control. Sun looked at Locke and recognized him. Locke had a creepy look on his face that many took to imply that he was being taken over by MIB. Serious business was about to go down! Then....

Locke wakes up in the hospital after being saved in the ER. Nothing crazy is going on. Nobody in the entire episode seemed to have anything more than tiny hints of references to the OT. The FST in "The Candidate" was a series of touching character interactions.

The FST storyline in "The Candidate" was great in the way that season 1 flashbacks are great. But what the heck is going on? Should I care about these people are not? It seems like they are linked in some way to their OT selves. If they're linked, should I care that Sun and Jin just died in the OT? There's a fairly happy Sun and Jin wandering around in the FST.

One of my recent blogs asked the question of why Desmond ran Locke down in the FST. As far as I can tell from last night the answer to that question is "no particular reason." If he was trying to kill Locke because he is preventing a MIB leak-through or because he got pushed down the well, then he sucks in the follow-through department. If he was trying to cause Locke to have a flash to the OT via a meeting with Jack or a near-death experience, that didn't work.

I had this sort of weird notion that half the candidates would die in the OT, and the other half would die in the FST, then everything would come together. But that doesn't seem to be panning out - Sun survived her gunshot wound and Locke survived his accident. Now I am starting to wonder if EVERYBODY has to die on the Island in the OT, which will then bring things together.

Anyone have any idea what's going on with the FST? Most posts after last night seem to be about the OT.

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