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October 26, 2009
  • Mirth23

    When I saw Miles, Richard, and Frank get in the outrigger I thought for sure we were about to see the other half of the time-flash outrigger gunfight. Did anybody else announce to the room they were in "one of them is about to be shot by time flashing Losties!!!" when they saw the three of them get in the thing? I did, then had to explain it, then was shocked when I was wrong.

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  • Mirth23

    In "The Last Recruit", half of the Losties were rushing to the hospital all at once in the FST. Desmond ran Locke over for unclear reasons. There seemed to be crazy timing inconsistencies that might imply the universe was out of control. Sun looked at Locke and recognized him. Locke had a creepy look on his face that many took to imply that he was being taken over by MIB. Serious business was about to go down! Then....

    Locke wakes up in the hospital after being saved in the ER. Nothing crazy is going on. Nobody in the entire episode seemed to have anything more than tiny hints of references to the OT. The FST in "The Candidate" was a series of touching character interactions.

    The FST storyline in "The Candidate" was great in the way…

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  • Mirth23

    adapted from a comment I made in another thread:

    Please don't hate me, but this is another post about MIB's claim to be Christian. I know, I know, everyone is sick of it. People have gone in circles talking about whether the freighter and hospital appearances could possibly have been MIB. This post isn't about those that. Instead, this post is about what I see as a glaring inconsistency that has gotten little attention: the case of the missing body.

    During Season 5, the show made a huge deal out of the fact that Locke's body was still in his coffin. This was apparently proof that it wasn't really Locke who was wandering around. It was so important to Ilana, an apparent Island expert, that she dedicated her entire squad to carrying it f…

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  • Mirth23

    A couple years ago, Damon and Carlton asserted that Adam and Eve could give insight into the nature of the show and were also evidence that elements were contained early on. There's presently 16 different theories on Lostpedia about who Adam and Eve actually are, and most of those theories are pretty reasonable.

    When the reveal happens, is that going to actually be evidence of anything? Almost any male/female pair is plausible at this point. As such, there's nothing that will prove that whatever revealed in season 6 is what was actually planned way back in season 1.

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  • Mirth23

    Here are the main explanations I've seen for Desmond running Locke over in the FST:

    • Desmond is trying to give Locke a breakthrough between realities by giving him a near death experience.
    • Desmond is trying to give Locke a breakthrough between realities by putting him into close contact with his constant, who is none other than Jack who now has to operate on him.
    • Desmond thinks that Locke (not MIB) pushed him down the well in the OT, and is retaliating in the FST.

    I'd like to propose a fourth option:

    • FST Locke is MIB's ultimate escape off the OT island. Desmond is trying to close this gateway by killing FST Locke.

    There's been recent discussion about whether FST Locke is MIB. My personal feeling is that we've been seeing some elements of Locke …

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