No. They didn't. That makes no sense. Why not just blow up the plane then and there? They wouldn't want to kill their friends, and they probably assumed that they couldn't kill MIB through conventional methods such as these. This leaves us with 2 main other options, either Widmore planted the C4, as the show is leading us to believe, or MIB did. I personally would choose the latter. I think MIB did this to gain the trust of the candidates, and that it was too well thought out for him to come up with it on the spot. Plus, he took the wristwatch from the guy BEFORE he saw the C4. Why would he takes some random guys wristwatch? Also, this is mildly off topic, but I just have to point out how well this episodes death scenes were made, particularly Sun and Jin. Their death actually made me care about fictional characters lives, something which I next to never do. Bravo lost, bravo.--Mildlyclever 22:54, May 5, 2010 (UTC)

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