After rewatching Last seasons's finale, I realized that around half the people Jacob approaches, He starts the conversation with I'm sorry. The people he did this to were Locke, Ilana, Sawyer, and Sayid. I believe that the ones he apologized to will die because of the island, like Locke and Ilana already have. Even though Locke didn't die on the island, you cannot deny that it was because of the island. Now, for the two living characters he said sorry to, Sayid and Sawyer, Their ultimate fate might be death. I believe that everything that could be done to foreshadow Sawyer's death has been done, with the exception of blatantly telling us he will die, like charlie, and Sayid looks out of time as well. I also believe that the characters he never said sorry to, Kate, Jack, Sun, Jin, and Hurley, will ultimately survive on the island. --Mildlyclever 02:26, May 2, 2010 (UTC)

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