I decided to make this list for fun, and its much harder then I thought it would be. Any opinions?

20. Danielle Rousseau and Karl Martin

19. Frogurt

18. Ethan Rom

17. Seth Norris

16. Charlotte Lewis

15. Dogen and Lennon

14. Naomi Dorrit

13. Edward Mars

12. Ana Lucia Cortez and Libby Smith

11. Jacob

10. Boone Carlyle

9. Eko Tunde

8. Daniel Faraday

7. Roger Linus

6. Juliet Burke

5. Leslie Arzt

4. Anthony Cooper

3. Alex Rousseau

2. Jin and Sun Kwon

1. Charlie Pace.

--Mildlyclever 20:13, May 6, 2010 (UTC)

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