• Mildlyclever

    I decided to make this list for fun, and its much harder then I thought it would be. Any opinions?

    20. Danielle Rousseau and Karl Martin

    19. Frogurt

    18. Ethan Rom

    17. Seth Norris

    16. Charlotte Lewis

    15. Dogen and Lennon

    14. Naomi Dorrit

    13. Edward Mars

    12. Ana Lucia Cortez and Libby Smith

    11. Jacob

    10. Boone Carlyle

    9. Eko Tunde

    8. Daniel Faraday

    7. Roger Linus

    6. Juliet Burke

    5. Leslie Arzt

    4. Anthony Cooper

    3. Alex Rousseau

    2. Jin and Sun Kwon

    1. Charlie Pace.

    --Mildlyclever 20:13, May 6, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Mildlyclever

    No. They didn't. That makes no sense. Why not just blow up the plane then and there? They wouldn't want to kill their friends, and they probably assumed that they couldn't kill MIB through conventional methods such as these. This leaves us with 2 main other options, either Widmore planted the C4, as the show is leading us to believe, or MIB did. I personally would choose the latter. I think MIB did this to gain the trust of the candidates, and that it was too well thought out for him to come up with it on the spot. Plus, he took the wristwatch from the guy BEFORE he saw the C4. Why would he takes some random guys wristwatch? Also, this is mildly off topic, but I just have to point out how well this episodes death scenes were made,…

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  • Mildlyclever

    I think that maybe Miles and MIB are somehow connected, how it is, not quite sure. This stems from a reason other than the mild resemblance miles has to MIB's 1800's form. During the premiere of this season, MIB told Ben Locke's dying though, "Why?" We don't really know how he can know this at all besides "He's magical, n' stuff", but we do know that Miles can hear the last thoughts of a dead body, so they both appear to share this ability. Feel free to bash. I know it sounds incredibly stupid. --Mildlyclever 01:49, May 4, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Mildlyclever

    After rewatching Last seasons's finale, I realized that around half the people Jacob approaches, He starts the conversation with I'm sorry. The people he did this to were Locke, Ilana, Sawyer, and Sayid. I believe that the ones he apologized to will die because of the island, like Locke and Ilana already have. Even though Locke didn't die on the island, you cannot deny that it was because of the island. Now, for the two living characters he said sorry to, Sayid and Sawyer, Their ultimate fate might be death. I believe that everything that could be done to foreshadow Sawyer's death has been done, with the exception of blatantly telling us he will die, like charlie, and Sayid looks out of time as well. I also believe that the character…

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