Hey all, I've taken a loooong hiatus from Lostpedia, but I used to do some editing on here and wanted to clear some thoughts from my mind about one of my favorite and most pondered about supporting characters. We've heard from Darlton that Horace and Olivia would factor significantly into the endgame of Lost (still wondering what role Olivia will play though). We also know that Horace was an on-island pacifist who worked incredibly hard to keep the truce with the hostiles and was respected by both Richard and Ben. The only other fact we know about Horace is that he built the cabin that Jacob now inhabits. I think Horace's respect for the island could have been the result of several influences. Seeing as Rose and Bernard had a plethora of DHARMA supplies on hand in their cabin, I'm led to think that they had help getting those and weren't merely scavenging. I wonder if Horace hadn't found and befriended them, thinking they might be a part of the hostiles, or original island inhabitants. Also, Olivia's absence in Season 5 is too significant to look over, so I wonder if she was a sister or co-leader of Horace's who was taken by the hostiles in retribution for something the DI (Radzinski?) did previous to the O5's arrival. Horace would obviously have taken this with a great deal of pain and depression, so perhaps he was led into a relationship with Amy and found out that she was an agent of the hostiles as well. If she assured him that Olivia was alright, this would further entice him to be hospitable with them and explain Ethan (and possibly Amelia)'s presence in the Others' society. So, seeing Rose and Bernard's happy existence in the jungle, Horace decides to do the same, and builds a cabin for him and Amy, unfortunately, he never gets the chance to use it to its full potential, as Ben kills him, with Widmore possibly rationalizing it to Amelia and Benjamin that it's what Jacob demands.

Just my rambling thoughts, I'd love to hear some feedback and thanks for reading!

--MightyRearranger 02:14, 11 July 2009 (UTC)

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