Has time been rewritten after the season 5 finale?

Middenway September 26, 2009 User blog:Middenway

By now, most of you would've seen the Lost videos shown at Comicon. If you haven't, beware of spoilers ahead.

A lot of fans already have taken this to mean that season six will have an alternate timeline, but I don't think so. The history of Lost is already long and confusing... why would the writers with only 18 episodes left to tell their story, rewrite everything that happened? So then, what's with the Comicon ads? What happened at the end of "The Incident"?

Well, I think we've already seen something like it. At the end of season 2, Desmond stop another incident from happening. During the episode "Flashes Before Your Eyes", we found out what ahappened to him, how he experiences an alternate timeline, only to make certain choices that put time back on track.

I think this will be what the beginning of the sixth season of Lost will be about. It will be "Flashes Before Your Eyes" on a much larger scale. For a while, the characters will actually think they've succeeded, only to eventually choose to go back to the island, by making the 815 flight happen through their own actions.

Or am I just crazy for thinking this?

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