Lost will end with all of the characters from the entire show, not just 815 passengers, rejoicing in the afterlife. They will all be sharing in stories of how they know each other and the sacrifices that were made by all to get to where they are. For example: Nadia will explain to Sayid of how she was saved by Charlie in the alleyway. The quilt that Jacob stitched is the story of everything. When I say everything, I mean everything. Even down to the caterpillar that Locke could have realeased from the cocoon by cutting open the sack. But as he told charlie it was natures way of strengthening it, so that it was strong enough to eventually give Charlie the hope to Free Jack from the collapsed cave. The purpose of all that happened is so that everyone would understand everything happens for a reason, and would also have a genuine appreciation for all the sacrifices made, and for the power of forgiveness. Only in losing everything do the characters really appreciate the eventual victory. What a victory it shall be. They will also appreciate the importance of all the plants, trees,animals, each drop of rain. These all play an integral part in the story. Examples: The polar bear that Sawyer shot helping him overcome fears. The Humble trees that held up the Drug trafficing plane just long enough. The moth mentioned earlier. The drops of rain that collected in the leaf to serve as a drink for the thirsty Jin. All characters will understand the miracle of Life and all that play a part in it.

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