I can't pinpoint a general topic for this just general thoughts!

Jacobs Cabin: I am not sure this was ever Jacob's cabin to begin with. The times we have been there with Locke and Hurley it has been occupied by Cristian...who is is dead. A dead body come to life screams out MIB. The ash around the cabin was put there to keep him in but someone let him out but when? So this makes me wonder, what if Ben has talked to 'Jacob' and taken his orders but it was MIB saying he was Jacob. How would Ben know any better? I know this idea is spoiled by the fact that Ben kills the real Jacob but what if that is part of a plan we have not seen yet? Maybe Ben found out he was being duped and he seeked out the true Jacob? Does this make any sense to anyone else?

Dead Bodies: In the S5 episode where we get flashbacks to Miles life before he came to the island and how he was recruited to the island, Naomi tells him they are going to an island (and this is not an exact quote but close) THAT IS CURRENTLY INHABITED BY MANY DEAD. Like I said this is not exact and I can't find the exact quote. Anyway, I rewound it a couple times and it sounded like she was saying that the island was populated by the dead. To me it sounded like there were alot of dead people residing there, as in not lying in the ground rotting but actually functioning to some extent. It just felt like something significant when I heard it and in how it was said. Anyone else catch that?

Lists: In the S2 finale, Michael was to bring Kate, Jack, Sawyer, and Hurley to the Others. They were on a list. Then they sent Hurley back. Go forward to S5, Kate, Jack, and Sawyer were touched by Jacob BEFORE coming to the island. Did this mean they were selected for a reason long before? The only hole in this is that Jin/Sun and Locke were both also touched by Jacob before going to the island. And they were not on any lists, that we know of, besides Locke's specialness. I just think there has to be some significance to the fact that Sayid and Hurley were the only ones Jacob approached after being back from the island. I always got the feeling that the lists came from Jacob.

I know alot of this is probably hokey but it's just some thoughts that have been rambling around in my mind. Feel free to straighten me out!

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