• Mfiman

    No Time Like The Present

    March 27, 2009 by Mfiman

    The shooting of little Ben at the end of "He's Our You" had me thinking again about two competing theories of time travel. Which one is correct, or at least which one is correct in the minds of Lost's writers (assuming at least one of them is), I believe is critical for how to view the events on the show.

    The first theory assumes that there is an absolute present. Everything before it is past and everything ahead is future. Think of it as an infinitely long DVD being burned. Whatever has been burned already is in the past and can largely not be changed (although there is some wriggle room here; it's a quasi-rewritable DVD-RW). Whatever is in the future has not been burned yet and can still be manipulated. Some may know what is likely to be …

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  • Mfiman

    I know it's kind of late. But I just finished reading Damon Lindef's statement regarding The Numbers (wiki/Numbers). I was more than disappointed.

    I believe his statement that "We call it the midi-chlorian debate, because at a certain point, explaining something mystical demystifies it," is mainly a cop-out. In Star Wars, there was never any mystery surrounding the origins of the Force. It was accepted as part of the Star Wars universe, in the same way that the possibility of time travel is accepted in the Lost universe, without need of a detailed explanation. The Force was never raised as a mystery to be solved in Star Wars.

    The Numbers are quite different. They were the focus of major plot mysteries in season 1 and into season 2. Why were …

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