Daniel990 did this, and I loved the idea. So I'm doing it to

Blog #1 - Habits

Are there any habits you had when watching Lost? I had the darnest habits. Did you have any?


I always had to sit on a certain area of the couch, I don't know why but I had to. I think its because it was the most comfortable and it had the perfect view on our TV.


I always ate something when watching Lost, mainly because it was on at my family's dinner time, Instead of Eating at the Table, my family would watch TV and eat xD Luckily, Lost was on when we had Steak, so Lost became our "Steak Night" but because of Lost being on air, we called it "Lost Night". However, on Finale's it was different, Instead we had Chips or Popcorn, IDK why, but it just is.

Blog #2 - Any clip of Lost you got tired of or made fun of??

I got sick of one clip and made fun of another, did you??

Juliet's Death

In season 6, they overplayed it!! Like seriously, almost every recap HAD IT, I eventually got sick of it and it lost all of its specialness.

Naomi's Death

Season 4 OVERPLAYED IT!! But me and friends laughed at it because the noises of her grunt and the knife noise, just seemed to have a comedic impact on me??


I'm in pokemon white right now, and my Larvesta is level 42 and has 108 hp. NO LIE I will prove it on twitter soon (@staticjungle)

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