I want to become a T.V Show Producer or a Set Designer, and I thought of a cool Idea for a Show, Its like, theres two outcomes for the show (like the OT and FST in Lost) but one of them ISN'T true while the other event happened. I'm testing the reaction with a Lost FanFiction ... So ... Prepare for an epic journey!! I'm only doing 10 episodes for the First Season ... so ... Please Vote for which character you want to have a Centric Episode :D Since Nikki is my favourite character... 100% shes gonna have a centric so don't vote for her :P

Character Name - Vote Count - Season #

  • Sawyer - 1 - Season 1
  • Juliet - 1 - Season 2
  • Charlie - 2 - Season 1
  • Daniel - 1 - Season 3
  • Ben -2 - Season 2

Leader Board Ben and Charlie - Tied

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