For those who don't know what happened to the Actors, there was no "Curse" that formed

  • Maggie Grace also known as Shannon, got casted for Breaking Dawn and was in a Shampoo commercial. So all those Twilight blogs don't have to be deleted cause now they actually do have a minor connection with Lost
  • Daniel Dae Kim, also known as Jin, got casted in Hawaii Five O Remake, Guess he didn't want to leave Hawaii.
  • Terry O Quinn/Michael Emerson, are in a new J.J show I believe, so I guess they did get the Ben and Locke show xD
  • Dominic, aso known as Charlie, was casted for an Eminem video called Love the way you Lie
  • Kiele Sanchez, Also Known as Nikki, got casted in a brand new show called The Glades
  • Josh Holloway, Also Known as Sawyer, was rumoured to be part of the Marvel Avengers film, however, this may not be true... However, he is being asked to be part of Mission Impossible 4
  • Matthew Fox, Also known as Jack, is in a movie called Billy Smoke
  • Evangeline Lily, Also known as Kate is in a movie called Real Steal
  • Emille De Ravin, Also known as Claire, was part of a Robert Pattinson movie and a new movie called The Chameleon
  • Henry Ian Cusack, Also known as Desmond, is a new recurring character on LW:SVU
  • Elizabeth Mitchell, Also known as Juliet, joined a show called V
  • Jorge Garcia, Also known as Hurley, is going back to ABC for How I met your mother.

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