pisode 2 - THIS ISN'T VERONA - Juliet Centric -Guess which Flashback is true in the comments once all 3 are shown-

The group head back to camp. Elliot goes to Jack to give him the luggage and say that, "I thought you might need this." Jack told him "Thank you, now we can gather all the supplies and take whats useful" Nikki walks by to tell Elliot "Thank you for rescuing me in the Jun---" Jack immediately turned around and said "Is that you?"



Flash Back 1


Second Scene


Flash Back 2


Third Scene


Final Flash Back


Final Scene


Unanswered Questions

  • Which Flashback is true?

Now What?

Well, now you have to guess which Flashback is the right one... But me a good guy, I'll give you clue with an ending credits song, note: The clue will not only give a clue on the flashback, but on future flashbacks.

  • Heres the Song/or Music Video Clue [1]

In a couple days I will reveal the answer, but you guys discuss the answer as if it were a theory on Lost :D

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