Episode 2 - RUNAWAY - Nikki Centric -Guess which Flashback is true in the comments once all 3 are shown-

The man in the sweater then came out the washroom with a bunch of toilet paper... Claire then said, Charlie why do you have all that toilet paper?? Charlie then said "I don't think I could handle a leaf" ... The girl asked Charlie ... "Charlie!! Do you Remember Me?? ... Its me Nikki, you know, I toured with you" ... Charlie then said ... "Nikki!! ... Yeah, I remember now!! I would like for you to meet Claire, shes my Girlfriend" ... Claire then said "Hi" ... The plane went all dark and a loud roar was heard and Lisa screamed, Ellie what is that!.


Elliot then said "I don't know!!" Lisa then said, "where are you Ellie". A loud scream was heard, and the darkness faded away and a loud crackling noise was heard. Charlie then said... "wheres that girl"... Claire then said "Oh my god!! ... I hope Nikki is alright!!", Charlie then said," I thought her name was Mikki". Claire got up from the ground and said "We should look for her". Charlie then replied "Maybe we should start there" (points to a trail left in the jungle"...

Flash Back 1

Nikki was on a date with a guy named Paulo at a restaurant. Nikki said "Paulo, you shouldn't have done this." Paulo replied "Well, I felt sorry because I brought you to Clucks." Nikki then said, but you know how much I love chicken." Paulo then said "Thats why you brought you this." The [Hurley|chef] came out with a giant plate of chicken covered in ranch sauce. Nikki then went up to hug Paulo, Paulo then poured the chicken broth on Nikki to then say Happy Birthday. Nikki then said "PAULO!!" ... What kind of Birthday is this??? and then all her best friends came out from under the tables and said Surprise holding a necklace. Nikki then laughed and then said, I guess thats why you told me to wear your worse clothes. Paulo then told her, Here, Happy Birthday (Paulo gave Nikki the Necklace), Nikki said, Paulo its beautiful, Hurley then said, "Dude, umm, I'm not cleaning up."

Second Scene

Elliot then said "Okay, lets start." Lisa then replied in a very worried voice "... Ellie are you sure its safe??" Elliot replied in a calm voice "Well, with things like that, nothings safe." Charlie then said "He makes a good point." They went towards to the trail...(time elapse transition)... Eventually they reach a small cove with a necklace with a diamond ring on it by a detached arm. Claire picked up the arm and said, "this was Nikki's".Charlie picked the arm up and said "Bloody Hell where are we!"

Flash Back 2

Nikki was walking down the aisle in a big white wedding dress with a diamond necklace. She has a big smile on her face, she stands beside her groom. After the minister asks the question, Nikki pauses, her big smile turns into a frown, she then runs away crying saying "You deserve someone better, I'm sorry, but I'm not the one, I'm not the one", The Groom turned around and chased after her.

Third Scene

Nikki wakes up to see a guy looking at her. Nikki says "where are we??" The guy replied "were on an island... My name is Edward, whats yours?", Nikki answered "Nikki and what island are we on exactly?", and Edward answered, "Hell", Nikki then replied, "What??" Elliot comes running in and says "Nikki, your fine!!" Nikki replied "Yes, Elliot, this is Edward" ... Elliot told Nikki in a very worried voice "Nikki... theres no one there"

Final Flash Back

Nikki woke up only to see a blonde man beside her, and Nikki stood up and she noticed that a necklace fell on the floor. Sawyer, started to smile and said "I was waiting for you to notice." Nikki hugged him and said "Thank you, sorry I couldn't get you anything for our anniversary, but I promise I will do something." Sawyer replied "Trust me, you'd do something for me." Nikki replied "Now how'd you know that?" ... Sawyer then answered "You remember." Nikki then answered "Oh yeah, well then, lets hope it comes true"

Final Scene

The group head back to camp. Elliot goes to Jack to give him the luggage and say that, "I thought you might need this." Jack told him "Thank you, now we can gather all the supplies and take whats useful" Nikki walks by to tell Elliot "Thank you for rescuing me in the Jun---" Jack immediately turned around and said "Is that you?"

Unanswered Questions

  • Which Flashback is true?
  • What is the significance of the Necklace?
  • Why did she leave Jack?
  • What is her relationship with Paulo?
  • What does Nikki remember about Sawyer?
  • Why does Elliot say that Edward isn't there?
  • Why did Nikki disappear?
  • What was that thing at the cockpit?
  • How does Claire know that it was Nikki's Necklace?

Now What?

Well, now you have to guess which Flashback is the right one... But me a good guy, I'll give you clue with an ending credits song, note: The clue will not only give a clue on the flashback, but on future flashbacks.

  • Heres the Song/or Music Video Clue [1]

In a couple days I will reveal the answer, but you guys discuss the answer as if it were a theory on Lost :D

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