Episode 1 - Find the Light - Elliot Maslow/Lisa Gellhorn Centric -Guess which Flashback is true in the comments once all 3 are shown-


Elliot Maslow opens his eye and looks up to only see that he was not in L.A ... he was in the middle of the jungle. Elliot was hurting due to a bump on his head. He was confused and didn't know where to go, until he heard his friend named Lisa Gellhorn to tell him to follow her. Elliot followed her all the way to a beach and he noticed a Plane Crash, Lisa then told him to go help while she'll go into the jungle to look for more survivors. Elliot then noticed that a pregnant blonde girl was about to get crushed by a plane's wing. Elliot rushed for her safety and he told her to move as fast as possible, he ran as fast as he could and he told her to get down. They jumped down and the Plane's Wing exploded.

Flash Back 1

Elliot was checking a girl out at the resort, she was tanning in a bikini. A waitress came up to him to ask him if he wanted a re-fill, Elliot politely said no. Elliot kept looking at her. The girl in the bikini noticed him when she turned over. She then walked over to Elliot, Elliot greeted her, and she then replied "You just couldn't keep your eyes off me could you" ... Elliot then replied "Well, you are eye candy" in a very flirtatious voice. Elliot and the girl kept flirting until he asked for her number and name, she wrote it down on a sheet of napkin and then walked away saying "Sorry, I got to catch a flight", Elliot opened up the napkin to find a number, and her name Lisa Gellhorn. However, on the other side of the napkin, Oceanic 815, L.A -Sydney. Elliot then quickly grabbed his keys and got into a car.

Second Scene

The girl said "thank you" to Elliot and told him that her name was Claire. Elliot told Claire that she needs to head far away from the crash site, she needs to stay clear from the debree to come from the Plane in the future. Claire quickly ran away only to find a guy in a suit come out of the jungle and scream "STOP!!" at Claire because she was about to trip on a wire... The man told claire to stay away from the beach and head into the jungle. The man in the suit went up to Elliot and said, "You need to take a break", you have a big cut on your head that will cause major blood lost" ... He told Elliot that his name was Jack and that his luggage was in the Cockpit which was in the jungle. Elliot then asked why are you telling me this, Jack said that he is a doctor and that there is a First Aid Kit in it. Jack told Elliot to go get it and help Claire to find safety.

Flash Back 2

Lisa was in a blindfold and she said "whats going on!" ... Elliot replied "Just wait a little longer sweetie" ... Elliot, then took off the blindfold and Lisa screamed ... Elliot was kneeling on one knee and was holding a diamond ring in his hand and he said will you marry me? ... Lisa then jumped up and started to scream "yes Yes YEs YES!!" ... she took the ring and put it on her finger, and she said "Oh Elliot, is this a real diamond!" Elliot then said yes... Lisa then said "You know that I don't need anything flashy." Elliot then replied "But you deserve it, you mean everything to me, I can't give you a cheap piece of glass because it will kill me inside that I gave you something that is as beautiful as you." Lisa then looked at Elliot and gave him a gigantic kiss.

Third Scene

Elliot ran towards the Lisa, Lisa then said that theres a girl passed out on the ground. Elliot picked her up and he said "come on honey, we need to find Claire", Lisa then said who's Claire? ... Elliot replied, a pregnant blonde girl ... Lisa then said, "oh yeah she went with a guy in a striped sweater, they said something about luggage and Drive Shafts". Elliot then said, We need to head to the luggage too, Lisa said why?, Elliot then said because theres a luggage filled with first aid kits. Lisa then said, we should hurry then because you got a big cut on your head and its bleeding pretty badly. Elliot and Lisa eventually reached the Cockpit and they see a guy in a striped sweater and Claire say "oh High, what brings you here?" ... Elliot then said "Theres a luggage filled with first aid kits and I need it now" (After a long search they finally found it) Elliot opened the first aid kit and wrapped his head in gauge... He then took out smelling salts to get the girl to wake up. The girl then woke up only to scream and say Where am I!! who are you!! ... Lisa then told her that its okay but where crashed on an island. The girl then said "What!!! ... Where are we?" ... Elliot then replied, I don't know.

Final Flash Back

Elliot was walking in Times Square with Lisa. Lisa wanted a pretzal so she told Elliot to wait for her, Elliot replied "Okay Honey" ... While Lisa was waiting, Elliot was standing by Lisa and he took out a cigarette and lit it, Lisa told him "Elliot" ... "You started again! ... You know what it does to your breath!" ... Elliot then said "Do you want me to stop? I can if you want me too, its just a piece of ash" (Elliot threw the cigarette on the ground) Lisa then said "Thats why I married you Ellie"

Final Scene

The man in the sweater then came out the washroom with a bunch of toilet paper... Claire then said, Charlie why do you have all that toilet paper?? Charlie then said "I don't think I could handle a leaf" ... The girl asked Charlie ... "Charlie!! Do you Remember Me?? ... Its me Nikki, you know, I toured with you" ... Charlie then said ... "Nikki!! ... Yeah, I remember now!! I would like for you to meet Claire, shes my Girlfriend" ... Claire then said "Hi" ... The plane went all dark and a loud roar was heard and Lisa screamed, Ellie what was that!!.

Now What?

Well, now you have to guess which Flashback is the right one... But me a good guy, I'll give you clue with an ending credits song

  • Heres the Song[1]

In a couple days I will reveal the answer, but you guys discuss the answer as if it were a theory on Lost :D


The Correct Flashback was Flashback 3

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