Has any of these things happen to you?

1) Did a theory you made just as joke thinking it will ever happen actually happen?
2) Did any of your favourite characters die? How many?
3) Have you ever the "numbers" in real life OVER and OVER again?
4) Ever hear whispers?
5) Cry for Lost's ending?
  • 1) once in Season 1 I told my friend that the smoke monster was secretly John Locke... Well It sorta happened! XD
  • 2) Every Favourite Character I had DIED!! 12 :( ... Guess I should stop making favourites D:
  • 3) Yes ... I saw 442 as a house number while riding a school bus with 422316 as its number and the time was 8:15! and whenever I look at the time it is always 8: 15 o.O
  • 4) After I watched season 4 of lost OVER and OVER again I began to hear whispers in the middle of nowhere :O
  • 5) Sorta... My mind is gonna miss lost... No show on earth is lost (well maybe Fringe)

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