This is called the Best of Lost. Basically, just post your Top 2 One being Female related and one Male Related in the corresponding Category

Best Characters

In your opinion, who are the best characters?


I chose Ben to be the Best Male character because of the perfect Actor Choice. However, That wasn't the only reason. He was a broken man, he had a chip on his shoulder because of his father. His father always loved him, but never showed it. A child having no love shown will change, from an innocent boy to a devious man. Ben is a dangerous man, he cannot be trusted... despite proving trustworthy, he always has a plan that will make you feel used. Later on in the season, he had a role reversal. He became a used man, all his power gone. His character truly has gone through it all, which is why I love Ben.


I chose Claire to be the Best Female character because of her character always falling victim. Claire was a victim, she got pregnant to a man who clearly wasn't ready to have a child. This caused Claire's life to change. She had to leave Austrailia only to end up on the Island. There, she was hunted by Ethan Rom and she was drugged to help her birth. Later on, she had her baby, and she was happy. Little did she know, the Smoke Monster came by and took her away from her baby. Kate took her baby and kept him as her own. Claire was never seen again. Claire returned... but she is now broken. Without Aaron, who broke her life from its perfection ironically, broke Claire's sanity. However Claire is no longer an innocent victim, she is now a killer. Claire ends up being healed once she finds out Aaron is safe and she will go back to him shortly.

Now Its Your Turn

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