...Don't read this ... read my other blog, A good explanation to The End...

... The FST is like a big WTF when they revealed that they are all in an inbetween. Like COME ON? They just pulled off a horrible re-create of The Lovely Bones!! I believe they should of had an ending were they continued their life of the island and had never had that weird thing where Desmond and Hurley knew EVERYTHING about the OT ... Like that was really really lazy and stupid. Like I believe they could have had a bit more of lovers destiny in the church like Nikki and Paulo loving eachother, Rousseau and Ben, Charlotte and Daniel ... a Flash Foward of Aaron and Ji Yeon falling in love, a solving of WALT!! and WTF is the significance of the Hurley Bird? Oh well on an Upside the ending to the OT is perfect XD

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