Hey Guys, I was talking to my friends Jenny and Amy (about Lost) and I wondered to myself if I was a member of Dharma what job would I like to do? At first I thought, since I like swimming, it would be cool to work in the underwater room! But then I remembered how dreary that place was and those two clunker girls that worked there, why they would've drove me so crazy I would probably take a deep breath and swim as quickly as I could back to the surface!!(LOL) Then I thought I would like to be in recruiting!! That would be so cool to travel around all over the place and talk to people and tell them how great Dharma is! But then I would really feel bad if the people I signed up ended up being experimented on or put in that crazy, weirdo room!!! Jenny said she would like to have worked with the animals! Taking care of the Polar bears or the rabbits! Amy said she would like to be in the station where you can watch everyone else and write reports! Anyway, if you guys were in Dharma, what job would you like to do and why? Thanks guys!!:)

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