Hey, Guys!! There were ALOT of moments in Lost that really freaked me out!! When the Pilot got pulled out of the window by the Smoke monster I almost jumped off the sofa!!! LOL! When Jack saw a guy dressed in a suit watching them from behind some trees I freaked out because at that time I didn't know it was his father, And I started thinking that maybe it was all a dream or its some kind of psychogical test, or it was a computer game or something! Then when I thought Locke was dead and he pulled off that hood after the second plane crashed and it was him!! (It turned out it wasn't but it still surprised me at the time!) And I was shocked when Desmond was driving away after Ben yelled at him and I thought he was going to almost hit Locke in the wheelchair but he hit him!!! I almost screamed!!! Anyway, I could talk about alot more but what moments freaked you guys out??? Thanks, guys!! :)

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