OMG! Guys, I gotta tell ya what happened to me today. It really has freaked me out!! It was like eveything that happened was somehow related to Lost! At the gas station, the girl behind the counter name badge read "LIBBY"! Then later I was at the store and this little dark haired kid was running around looking for someone and he was calling out "JACOB! JACOB!" Later I saw him with another kid (I guess the one he was looking for) and the other kid's hair was blonde!!! So I was looking at two miniature versions of Jacob and the Smoke Monster! Then my own mind kicked into imagination station and I thought that if that little dark haired kid turned into smoke he was so little he would just be a wisp!! (LOL) Then I thought "Oh, No I don't have any ash to protect me!:) (Although the store's floor was kinda dusty (LOL) Anyway, later I was jogging in the park and there were two guys playing frisbee and they were wearing football jersey's and when they turned around one had the number 23 and the other 42! That's when I started to really freak but guys thats not all!! On the way home I was stopped at a stoplight and a Yellow Humvee drove by!!! If a guy with red curly hair looked out of the window I would have screamed right there!! Then as I was almost home, I heard some numbers suddenly coming out of my speakers in my car. I thought OMG the numbers from Lost but it turned out I had acccidentaly hit the scan button on my radio and it scanned from my favorite station to a station talking about finacial stuff! (LOL) but I tell you guys I was shaking. Have you guys ever had something like this happen to you? My friends Amy and Jenny say I'm too obsessed with Lost. Jenny thinks I'm going crazy (LOL). But seriously has this ever happened to you? Thanks for listening to my raving guys. I just had to tell you guys. Thanks.

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