Hey, Guys! I was at a club last night waiting to meet some friends! I was sitting by myself over at a table when this nicely dressed guy came up to me. He complimented my Puki shell necklace I was wearing, then said something like What's a pretty girl like you sitting here alone? (Yeah, I thought it was pretty corny too!) Anyway, he asked me about myself, my interests and I mentioned I like the show Lost! He then gave me a card and told me he worked for a production company called Pegasus and they had done promotional photography for Lost. He then said the reason he came over to me was that the company was always looking for new talent and that I had many of the qualities they were looking for! That if I was interested to call him next week and make an appointment! He then gave me a hug and left!I told my friends about it when they showed up and some said to call and check it out! It might be really cool! But a couple other friends said it was probably a scam! Anyway, I kept his card and today I checked on the net and I couldn't find anything about Pegasus! Have any of you guys ever heard of it? If so, did they ever work on Lost? Thanks, guys!!:)

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