Hey Guys! I really need your advice on something! Saturday night I went out with a guy and over dinner we were talking about our interests. I said I was really into the TV show Lost! He said he'd only saw about 10 minutes of it one time and he hated it!!! I said that he should give it another try because once you really start watching it you'll get hooked and LOVE it!!! Well, he told me to shut up! That he didn't like it and that he didn't want to talk about it anymore!! Well, that really hurt my feelings and the date didn't go too well after that! But today, he called me and left a message that he wants to go out with me again!! Now he's a really cute guy!! But I don't know! I don't think I can date anyone who doesn't love Lost! My friend Amy said to give him another chance because he's so cute! But my other friend Jenny said to forget him! What do you guys think? I really value your opinion! Thanks, guys!:)

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